Celebrating 100 Years of Armstrong


Turning 100 years old is a huge milestone for a community and town like Armstrong. Just like turning 100 years for a person is a tremendous achievement, so it is for this hidden paradise in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Surrounded by terrific neighbours like Salmon Arm, Vernon, or even Kelowna, it truly is one of the nicest places to be in all of Canada. Just ask the 5000 people calling Armstrong home!

Come join the celebration as we celebrate 100 years of awesomeness!


7 Things to Do in Armstrong BC

If you are looking for a relaxing location in an idealic setting, you may enjoy taking a trip to Armstrong, BC. This laidback community still has a country feel to it, and you can see much of that today in its strongly agriculture heritage. There is a lot to see an do in Armstrong, including museums to tour, golf courses to try your lock on, water and snow sports, boating, fishing and more.

You might not have the big city glammer of places like Montreal and Ontario, but you’ll enjoy a completely different vibe with its strong country roots. Here are our top 7 favorite things to do in Armstrong:

Caravan Farm Theatre
Wagon Wheel in Armstrong BC
Set on 80 acres of ranch, this farm puts on amazing productions in an outdoor environment. You’ll need warm clothes to fully enjoy this production, but it is well worth the drive for a few hours of entertainment. Productions are available any time of year, and sometimes there are even sleigh or wagon rides to take you around the property.

This is one of the most popular attractions in Armstrong. You might have to bring your own popcorn (or better yet, bring a popcorn machine so you can share), but people who have visited rave about the high quality acting, music and staging, all in a scenic country setting that will leave you breathless.

The Village Cheese Company

Armstrong is well known for its hand crafted cheeses. The cheese shop is a collection of these cheeses, along with lattes and other snacks you can purchase while you are there. You can actually watch the cheese making process through a window. There is a huge variety of cheeses available, all made on site. You can sample the different types, and enjoy shopping for other gourmet items while you are there.

Armstrong Spallumcheen Museum and Art Gallery

This small museum gives you an excellent picture of the history of Armstrong. In it you’ll find photos and artifacts from the foundation of Armstrong, and learn more about the history of agriculture. You can also take a look at the art gallery for a look at paintings and pottery from the past. This museum is child friendly and also wheelchair accessible. The museum spans the entire history of european agriculture in the area, so you’ll be sure to learn something as you pass through each room.

If you ever need help getting directions or finding out more about the places to visit, you can stop in at the visitors centre right next door. The friendly staff there can make recommendations and help you get where you need to go. All in all a very worthwhile experience!

Edge of the Earth Vineyard
Vineyard in Armstrong BC
Who doesn’t love a great wine tasting? Now you can taste some of the best wines in Armstrong with a visit to a winery that is run out of their own home. Enjoy wine crushing in their driveway, and wine making in their two car garage. Don’t let their small time charm worry you though. Edge of the Earth Vineyard produces an exciting selection of wines for you to enjoy. Enjoy entertaining stories from your host in the tasting room as you try samples of delightful new wines.

Take some home to enjoy and come back for more in this unexpected little Armstrong gem.

Chocoliro Finest Chocolate

Chocolate is the perfect pairing to go with that wine we just talked about. You’ll love a visit to this small time chocolate shop where things are still done the old fashioned way. Enjoy themed chocolate for the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and enjoy detailed assistance from owners who still care about their product and are passionate about what they do.

You can even enjoy free samples as you shop, letting those delightful pieces of chocolate melt on your tongue as you make the important decisions in life—like which is better, milk chocolate or dark.

Blue Hills Lavender Farm

If you want a chance to immerse yourself in mesmerizing beauty, the lavender farms are a great place to go. View acres of beautiful purple flowers, and pick up some lavender treats for you and your loved ones. They have a range of lavender products that are perfect in and around the home, including laundry soap to give your sheets a fresh and beautiful scent, to bouquets of edible herbs to brighten up your meals with. You can also grab a quick sandwich or some baked goods here, and enjoy the perfect country setting while you eat.

Since Armstrong is mostly an agriculture center, this is a perfect way to capture the spirit of Armstrong in a beautiful and enjoyable location.

Armstrong Asparagus Farm

Pick up an armload of fresh vegetables to take home to your table at the Armstrong Asparagus farm. The farm features asparagus, unsurprisingly, as its main stay, but also grows two delicious varieties of garlic to take home. They have a covered building for you to order in on rainy days, as well as picnic tables so you can enjoy their farm as long as you like. They began their farm in 1997 and have been adding to the fields ever since. They now have 45 acres of asparagus for you to enjoy.

You’ll love their sweet and juicy asparagus picked that same day, and the trip out in the fresh air and sunshine will rejuvenate you like a day in the city simply can’t.

Spending a day in Armstrong is a relaxing and wonderful way to enjoy the country. Armstrong provides a centralized place where you can begin your search for fresh ingredients, healthy good, and friendly people to visit. You’ll never feel alone in Armstrong, and you’ll get that old-time customer service that just doesn’t exist in the city anymore.

If you want to plan a relaxing day trip, choose Armstrong for a little taste of country living. Whether you are interested in the history of agriculture, or simply want some great food, shop the quiet streets and country lanes for an unforgettable experience. We hope you enjoyed our 7 favorite places in Armstrong, and they encouraged you to give this wonderful area a try.